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About Portland Balintawak

As a proud member of the International Balintawak Organization headed by Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, we strive to master the basics of the art and help grow the community. 

​Our group puts a heavy emphasis on the core of Balintawak, spending much of our time building our foundation in order to support and enhance our advanced movements. The basic curriculum of Balintawak is split in to 6 levels each containing important details to understand before moving on to the next. At Portland Balintawak it is the lowest levels or most basic techniques and concepts that build our speed, power, and ability to perform at such a high level. We are a firm believer that the most advanced thing a student can do is focus on the basics.

Our Instructors
Mike Griffin FQI
Patrick Martin FQI

Mike has been practicing Taboada Balintawak for nearly ten years under Patrick Schmitt and GM Bobby Taboada. Grandmaster Bobby presented Mike the rank of Full Qualified Instructor (FQI) in 2017.

Patrick has been practicing Taboada Balintawak under the tutelage of Mike Griffin and Grandmaster Bobby since 2016. Grandmaster Bobby presented Patrick level 7, or Full Qualified Instructor In August 2022. 

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